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About Jules

In the photograph my mother wears a red jumpsuit as she kneels down beside me, her berry lips in a soft smile. I, in my sky blue cotton dress with white panel frocking, stand on wobbly 2-year-old legs clutching my mother’s hand. With bright eyes she looks into the camera, while behind her the sidewalk of our home fades into the distance. This image is not just a picture of me and my mom; it sums up everything about the time, a moment in which she is a young parent and the center of my world. It is a portrait of our bond and what photography means to me.

I don’t simply take pictures; I create photographic keepsakes of your love. I am mom to three children whose beautiful young lives illuminate my photography. When you book me, know that documenting this love of family is of utmost importance to me. And while I aim to capture these heartfelt connections, I am also a photographer always seeking to create something beautiful, whether it be through still imagery or live motion film. If this is something you want too, send me a note with your questions and ideas.