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As I mark the fourth year of my business I find myself moving toward lifestyle newborn sessions. Don’t get me wrong — I have a deep appreciation for posed newborn work and the steady concentration and dedication of newborn photo artists, who truly make pieces of art with each portrait created. Posed newborn photography, which brings into singular focus the beauty of new life, will always be one of my first photo loves. It propelled me to learn more and more about lighting and exposure, and working with the most precious among us.


Lifestyle newborn photography, in contrast, highlights new babies in their natural environment of home and family. It brings to light the connection between newborns and the people who love them the most. In twenty, thirty years and beyond, photographs from a lifestyle newborn session will be treasured capsules of a family’s history.


The wide-eyed baby


So alert!

My latest session was with this adorable baby boy and his family. I had photographed big brother almost two years ago in the same house and with some of the same wraps. The resemblance is striking and a few times I had a sense of deja vu. How is it that time has flown by so quickly?


Sweet boy laying on his momma



Baby kisses for days <3

When I came for big brother’s newborn session, I did a posed session. You can see his photos here. See how much alike they look?



My favorite photograph from the session. Backlit portrait, sweet baby and momma — the best of motherhood


Oh wait! This is another favorite of mine <3

Of course Dad got into the frame too. 🙂



Detail shots I love!


Even with my lifestyle photo shoots, I try to incorporate some relaxed portraits in the vein of posed newborn photography. Here are a few from this baby’s session.


Big brother joined the fun as well.





Questions about booking a lifestyle session for your family? Contact me <3

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A type of photography I’ve been doing more is in-home lifestyle sessions. While I still adore outdoor sunsets in Sacramento’s grassy fields, photo shoots taken in client homes resonate with me in a different, more visceral way. It’s like the sense of nostalgia you get from flipping through old family albums and seeing your childhood home the way it was years ago. In-home lifestyle sessions offer a glimpse into the most intimate space of home for children to look back upon in years to come.


While these lifestyle sessions are done in the context of the home, just like outdoor sessions, elevating your family’s wardrobe makes the final photos that much more eye-pleasing. It may be as simple as coordinating neutral clothing for newborn portraits, or as fun as this family’s beachy, nautical-inspired attire. I also love the barefeet for this family — it brings to mind relaxed Saturday mornings and chasing games around the house. And yet this family’s coordinated clothing still make for beautiful portraits.


We next moved onto individual portraits of the kids. I always, in all my sessions, photograph a mix of more formal, posed portraits like this, and candid/lifestyle shots. (Even when a shot looks candid, it’s usually set up with family members positioned by me.) I could not get over how adorable this little girl is. In this case, posing was all her. 😀

Both big brothers had their portraits taken next.

Look at his smile and ruffled hair. *swoon*


And this ray of sunshine. <3


My own three kids rarely, if ever, let me take a nice photo of them where they’re all looking and not being super silly. So I was so happy I was able to capture this portrait and I hope their momma is too!


I love this one.


What better way to end the session than with a dance party? This was the one time it was okay to jump on the bed. 😀


If you’re interested in setting up a lifestyle session for your family, please contact me. Thanks for reading. <3

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Autumn is typically known as busy season for photographers, but I wish it weren’t. In my opinion, spring is the prettiest time to get photos taken. Especially with the heavy rain of this past winter, everywhere is looking lush and picture perfect.


For this gorgeous family’s photo session, we went to Effie Yeaw Nature Center in Carmichael, which I always think is so far from Sacramento but it’s really not. Just a half hour or so drive from where I am and I can find myself surrounded in meadows and woodlands, in gratitude for the reserve and its history. I also like introducing clients with Effie Yeaw if they aren’t familiar with it yet. It’s a special part of Sacramento and a great go-to for kids and families.


I had taken this family’s photos twice already and looked forward to getting them in front of my camera again. Clients who are good sports about chasing their kids in an unfamiliar environment, while being stalked with a camera, are golden in my eyes. We documented some sweet moments in the soft sunshine.


Like I tell my clients, going home to download the photos from a session is exhilarating for me. It’s like opening a gift–to myself!–and seeing what was captured by my camera. I tend to overshoot a session, meaning I might take 540 frames, and cull that down to 50 beautiful moments. So going through the images is a whole process in itself, but one that I love just as much as being outdoors and shooting.


One of the cool things about Effie Yeaw is the wildlife. We saw deer roaming, which was so fun for this little girl. We spent some time “oohing” and “ahhing” from a distance.



My sweet spot for sessions is the last 20 minutes or so, when the sun drops and the golden dusk is in effect.




Send me a message if you’d like to book your own outdoor family session. <3

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