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Client Resource Guide

Professional photography is a luxury service that elicits careful consideration, from whom to trust with your family portraits to clothing coordination. As someone who’s been on both sides of the camera, I know there are many questions about the process. To help you prepare I’ve put together some blog posts with information on topics like what to expect, what to wear, behind the scenes, and products I offer to my clients.

What to Expect

Wondering what what happens after you email me? At our session? Why it takes three weeks to view your gallery? Click on the links to read more.

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What to Wear

It’s hard enough finding an outfit that mommas feel confident and pretty in–after all, you are being photographed, where every detail is preserved in portraits that last a lifetime. You can imagine then, that putting together outfits for a whole family is quite a task. The color schemes, the accessories, the aesthetic (boho, modern, GAP?) — all of these endless possibilities can add up to one stressed out momma. These blog posts are meant to guide you through your choices and further affirm our match as client and photographer; if you like my fashion sensibility, you’ll most likely vibe with my photography style as well.

Since much of my free time (“free time” = nursing the babe while on my iPhone) is spent browsing the latest collections at Zara, I’ve decided to apply my knowledge in a regular series: Fashion Fridays. I’m glad to offer my clients this catalog of ideas that is current and in season.

You’ll also find other clothing-related posts below.

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The Artwork

It’s a feeling of pride I imagine most artists feel when they see their work as it was meant to be seen, and for photographers this means seeing our work in print. The blog posts in this section feature the heirlooms that are included in my collections. Check out the images and video clips to get an idea of what you can invest in when you choose me to be your photographer.

Behind the Scenes

I do enjoy reading the story behind my favorite brands, so hey, why not share mine with you all? Find out how I edit, what gear I use, and more of what goes into my photography.

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